G3Ferrari Delizia: Customer review, features and best price 2023

G3 Ferrari Delizia: Features and Price of this Fast Indoor Pizza Oven – Test and Review

If you’re a pizza enthusiast looking to take your pizza game to the next level, you’ll know that proper cooking is essential. Unfortunately, regular home ovens can’t reach the high temperatures needed to cook a pizza optimally (between 400 and 500°C).

That’s where the G3Ferrari pizza oven comes in. We’ve examined various factors such as features, performance, cooking quality, pros, and cons of this appliance to help you make an informed decision.

And we have to say, during our testing, this electric pizza oven truly impressed us. It delivers exceptional cooking results, as evidenced by the photo of a pizza cooked with this appliance.

Honestly, it’s our top pick in its category. If you want to learn more, stay tuned for our comprehensive review of the G3Ferrari pizza oven.

Unboxing the Box

The G3Ferrari Delizia pizza oven is a powerful and compact appliance that offers excellent build quality. It comes in various colors, with red being the most popular choice, making it suitable for any kitchen style. Regardless of the color, all models have the same features. To make your search easier, here are the corresponding model numbers for each color:

– G1000602: red
– G1000610: black
– G1000603: green
– G1000605: yellow
– G1000606: silver
– G1000608: bronze
– G1000604: blue
– G1000607: fuchsia
– G1000615: antique gold
– G1000609: orange

The G3Ferrari Delizia pizza oven stands out with its precise finishes and sturdiness, making it a reliable and long-lasting appliance. It comes with two convenient half-peels for easily placing the pizza in the oven. The temperature and timer controls are located on top of the appliance, accompanied by a light indicator that shows when the heating elements are warming up. Inside, you’ll find a refractory stone, which is essential for achieving the perfect pizza crust and sets this model apart from other brands.

Technical Specifications of the G3 Ferrari Delizia Pizza Oven

The G3Ferrari Delizia pizza oven is a powerful and compact device that is perfect for making delicious pizzas at home. Its refractory stone has a diameter of 31 cm, but it’s important to note that the size of the pizza will be slightly reduced due to the edges of the oven. However, this allows for nicely puffed up edges, as leaving a little space prevents them from sticking to the lid.

The half-moon peel provided with the oven has a diameter of 28 cm, allowing you to make pizzas up to 30 cm in diameter without any issues by slightly overflowing the edges. This is a standard size found in most pizzerias.

In terms of power, the oven has a 1200 Watt capacity, allowing it to quickly reach high temperatures. The dimensions of the device are 33.5 x 20 x 35 cm, making it compact and easy to place in your kitchen or cupboard.

Here is a summary of the technical specifications of the G3Ferrari Delizia pizza oven:
– Power: 1200 Watts
– Adjustable thermostat
– Timer
– Maximum temperature up to 390°C (and 400°C for the EVO version)
– Refractory stone diameter: 31 cm
– Accessories: 2 half-moons
– Weight: 5.4 kg
– Dimensions: 33.5 x 20 x 35 cm

With the G3Ferrari Delizia pizza oven, you can enjoy delicious and perfectly cooked pizzas, all in a powerful and compact device.

Starting up and operating the G3 Ferrari Delizia

The G3Ferrari Delizia pizza oven offers an adjustable thermostat to adjust the temperature according to your needs, whether it’s for fresh, frozen, or a pie. However, it doesn’t clearly display the corresponding temperatures, which can be a bit confusing at first. But don’t worry, after a few tries, you’ll know exactly which position to set the thermostat to achieve the desired result.

Additionally, with its 1200 Watts of power, this pizza oven heats up quickly and is ready to use in just 10 minutes. The highest position on the thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature up to 390°C (or 400°C for the EVO version). It’s important to note that this temperature is measured at the level of the oven’s stone. That’s why it’s recommended to preheat the oven sufficiently so that the stone accumulates the necessary heat for optimal cooking.

Cooking Quality of Our Pizzas

Once the G3Ferrari Delizia pizza oven is hot enough, it is very easy to use. Simply slide the pizza onto the refractory stone using the half spatulas, close the lid, and start the timer. It takes about 4 to 5 minutes to properly cook the pizza.

During our tests, we found that it is best to open the lid 2 to 3 times to rotate the pizza and ensure even cooking. This prevents burnt areas around the edges. The result is a pizza with a crispy crust and a soft interior. The edges are nicely browned, similar to what you would get from a stone oven. The toppings are also well-cooked and golden.

Thanks to its refractory stone, the G3Ferrari Delizia comes close to replicating the typical smell and taste of Italian pizzas cooked in a Neapolitan oven. This is exactly what the brand promises, and we can confirm it. The oven allows you to achieve corniciones (crust edges) that are 1.5 to 2 cm high and well-aerated, which is ideal for fans of Neapolitan pizza.

However, we do wish there was a small window to monitor the cooking progress. Despite this, the G3Ferrari Delizia is an excellent compromise for those who love Neapolitan pizza but don’t have access to a very hot oven.

If you have multiple people at home, it is recommended to preheat the oven well so you can quickly make multiple batches. This is perfect for evenings with friends, where everyone can choose their own toppings. It always creates a great atmosphere and adds a friendly touch.

The versatility of the appliance


The G3Ferrari Delizia pizza oven is not just for making pizzas. With its special pizza stone, it offers a unique cooking experience that you won’t find in a traditional oven. This means you can also use it to prepare a variety of other delicious dishes, such as flammekueche, sweet or savory tarts, piadinas, chestnuts, cakes, or even homemade breads. Its high cooking temperature opens up endless possibilities. We highly recommend finding a permanent place on your countertop for this oven, so you always have it within reach and can use it regularly for all kinds of culinary delights. Don’t limit yourself to just pizzas, let your creativity run wild and discover the multiple possibilities offered by the G3Ferrari Delizia! 😉.

Which version to choose: Classic or Evo?

The G3Ferrari Delizia Evo pizza oven is an upgraded version of the original model. What sets it apart is its ability to reach a temperature of 400°C, which is 10°C higher than the first version. This difference in temperature can have a significant impact on the cooking quality of your pizza. If you’re considering purchasing this oven, it’s highly recommended to opt for the version that can reach 400°C. Make sure to check the technical specifications to confirm this capability. By choosing this version, you’ll be able to enjoy an optimal cooking experience for your pizzas.

Cleaning and Maintenance of the G3 Ferrari Delizia

The maintenance of the G3Ferrari Delizia pizza oven is quite simple. Just make sure not to let the pizza overflow onto the edges to prevent the toppings from sticking to the lid.

The stone of the G3Ferrari oven may get stained over time, which is normal during high-temperature cooking. Therefore, it won’t be possible to keep it white permanently, even by cleaning it thoroughly after each use.

A tip for cleaning the stone is to use the oven’s pyrolysis system. Simply run the oven empty and at maximum temperature for at least 30 minutes. This will help fade the stains. For more information, check out our article on how to clean a pizza stone.

What customers are saying

The G3Ferrari Delizia pizza oven has become one of the most popular choices among Italian cuisine enthusiasts. People love its high cooking quality, which rivals that of professional pizzerias. Another major advantage is its speed, as it can cook a pizza in just about 5 minutes. It’s no wonder that the G3Ferrari brand has become a leader in the electric pizza oven market.

How to use the G3 Ferrari Delizia?

When using a G3Ferrari Delizia pizza oven for the first time, it’s important to understand how to handle it. You may not immediately achieve the desired results, but don’t worry, it’s normal. After a few tries, you’ll know how the oven heats up and be able to cook your pizzas to perfection.

Here’s a basic rule for using this oven: when the light indicator turns off, it means that the upper heating element has reached its maximum temperature and has stopped heating. Contrary to what one might think, you shouldn’t put the pizza in when the light turns off. Otherwise, you risk having an overcooked crust underneath due to the very hot stone, and a pale pizza on top because the heating element is no longer heating.

Here are some tips for using the G3Ferrari Delizia pizza oven effectively:
1. Preheat the oven for 10 minutes so that the stone is nice and hot.
2. If the light indicator is still on, it means that the heating element is still heating up, and it’s the ideal time to put in the pizza.
3. Use the two provided spatulas to slide the pizza onto the stone.
4. Between pizzas, reduce the thermostat to 2 1/2 to allow the heating element to cool slightly. Just before putting in a new pizza, turn the thermostat to the maximum to heat up the upper heating element. This technique will give you a nicely colored crust on top and a perfectly cooked bottom.
5. If the light indicator is off, open the oven lid and briefly reduce the thermostat to cool down the heating element. Increase the thermostat again just before putting in the pizza, and the light indicator should turn on again.

In general, if you put in a pizza when the heating element in the lid is still a bright red, you should achieve a successful cook. If it’s black, it means it has stopped heating, and the pizza won’t be properly browned.

Conclusion: Our review of the G3 Ferrari Delizia pizza oven

If you’re a fan of homemade pizza, the G3Ferrari Delizia pizza oven is the perfect appliance to take your pizza game to the next level. Investing in this oven will not disappoint you, as its cooking quality is unmatched compared to a traditional oven.

With its high temperature, you can cook a perfect pizza in just a few minutes. In our opinion, it is one of the most efficient models on the market, providing even and optimal cooking.

If you want to learn more about the G3Ferrari Delizia, we invite you to watch the presentation video below. Feel free to share your comments and experiences with this appliance. We are eager to hear your feedback!